Build A Successful Website With These Musician Web Design Tips

In today’s tech-savvy world, having an online presence is more of a norm than a luxury for brands and organizations striving to get their message out to people. For musicians, social media might seem as the best marketing mechanism but the fact is that a proper website can provide you with flexibility and benefits that do not come hand in hand along with social media accounts.

With a dedicated website, you have the power to present yourself in the manner you wish to and interact with your fans and followers without inhibitions imposed by social media networks. It can be your virtual portfolio that brings in a sense of professionalism and seriousness about the work that you are doing. With so much riding on a website, it is of paramount importance to know what to have and what not to have when designing a website dedicated to musicians.

Create a Professional Website with Musician Web Design Tips

Musician Web Design Tips That You Must Follow

Simple Design:

An intuitive design with simple navigation is the ideal approach which makes it easier for the fans to make their way around the website. It is absolutely necessary that you do not confuse people visiting your site with flashy gimmicks and complicated navigation as you then run the risk of them getting flustered and clicking away. So keep it simple and present only the essential stuff on your home page.

Host The EPK On Your Website:

A lot of bands and musicians suffer because their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is hosted on third party EPK sites and there is an inconsistency between their website and the site hosting the EPK when it comes to design and functionality. It is not a favorable approach as it leads to visitors being redirected to another site. It is advisable to add an extra page with photos, videos, and links to incorporate the EPK so that fans, labels or booking agents can connect with you directly from your site without involving any third party and spoiling the entire experience.

Think Before You Finalize The Design And Content:

In show biz, it is necessary to present yourself in the best possible manner. So there are certain protocols that you should adhere to in order to create an image that makes you stand out of the crowd and puts you amongst the best in the business. Pay special attention to the photos you choose to upload and make sure that they are all high-resolution pictures. The colors chosen must complement each other and be pleasing to the eye. If this requires paying for themes and a professional designer, you must go ahead and spend the money if you are looking to make it big. Last but not the least, avoid having overlaying text on top of pictures.

Integrate Social Media To Connect Yourself On All Platforms:

If you have a decent following on social media and have relevant content that you want to showcase to prospective record labels and booking agents, make sure you have all your social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter linked to your website as you do not want to miss any opportunity coming your way. This also helps in increasing your social media following and garnering support from fans.

Ensure Your Site Is Optimized For Search Engines:

Not having a SEO friendly website can sometimes be a nail in the coffin as people would not be able to find you when they are searching for you on search engines. You must aim to be the first item on the results page whenever there is a query that is related to you. This will also help you track where the majority of your traffic is coming from and you can advertise yourself better in those channels.

So those are the most important musician web design tips that will help you create a successful website and go a long way towards having a positive impact on your journey to stardom.